Tuesday, April 12, 2011

goodbye, hello

Well. I have not done well with this whole blogging thing. I got overwhelmed with life and then stressed by it, because those are two very different things in my life. Then I was like why would I blog... everyone and there sister has a blog and I will just get lost in the funk. It seemed like to much work and I was too busy. Well I am done with excuses. I am gunna be real. I have classes til the first week in May and not much is gunna change before then but I am taking the whole summer off to do all those things I have been wanting to do, like paint, make jewelry, take pictures, read, and maybe even finally get my craft room organized. So, for right now, things very much the same but looking forward to some fun times in the future.


  1. I can't wait till we post pictures of all the creative/crafty things we're going to do!

  2. Hey, for some reason it's kind of difficult to post comments on your blog, because you can't see the bottom part where you're supposed to enter the word for the word verification. Or is it just my computer that is off?

  3. I've been hitting tab in order to get it to move down to where I can enter the word and then hit Enter.



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