Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

- when you pause something on the tv leaving the actor on the screen with a super weird face. cracks me up every time.
- that moment when you don't realize that someone is in the elevator before you try and get on and you almost run into them. frantic apologies always ensue, followed by the voice in my head telling me how rude I am for not letting people off the elevator first. they must think I was raised by wolves.
- being so lazy, busy, or whatever to return my library books from like three months ago so I just keep renewing them. 

- I get to go to this amazing conference in August, plus visit with my Madison people! Yeah!
- finally getting my hair cut so that I don't look like a poofball when I wear my hear down
- Actually getting stuff accomplished off of Operation Simplify! Update post with pictures coming soon.
- I know I talked about this last week, but I am still super excited that Jessica's book What I Wore is coming out next week. I am too cheap to actually by it, but I did place it on hold at the library. 

My friend Rachel and I college, trying on clothes at Macy's
Is this an Awkward or Awesome???

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge: Day ????

I have no idea what day I am on the 30 for 30 challenge but I will keep going until it seems everyone is done too. I wore this outfit yesterday to just run around and do lots of errands and get my hair done. It has been 115 degrees here in Phoenix the last couple of days and it is all about staying cool really. I am working on keeping myself from passing out from walking from my car into a building so let's just say my creativity in choosing clothes is not so good. Here is a camera pic I took of my outfit yesterday. Please ignore the horrible mess in the background, I am working on Operation Simplify in my house and it seems to be getting worse than better at the moment.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

- people who write IN ALL CAPS or iN tHiS FasHion. I do not understand you. Explain to me your weird typing ways.
- the door on my dad's car getting stuck and then literally breaking and not being able to close. Driving back to my friend's house in Gilbert holding the door closed with my left hand and driving with my right. This is not an easy thing people!
- putting gas in the car. I really hate it.. getting out, paying, touching dirty surfaces, inevitably getting gas on your feet. Nothing about it is really ok in my mind.

Leslea leaning over during church as asking me whether pot was marijuana or crack. I am glad that there are some people out there who don't know things like this. It really is not the kind of info one really needs, right?
- This video that was played at church for Father's Day. I have watched it at least 5 times since then.
- This amazing giveaway from Jessica at What I Wore. I am so excited about her new book (see the cover design below). We might have the same name but she is clearly the cooler Jessica.
image from here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge: Day 9

I had a SUPER cute outfit picked out for today but I ended up not having to go into the office so why would I waste it on my cats. So I am in my comfy shorts and a tshirt. Maybe if I end up doing something tonight I will put some real clothes on. But in looking for a tshirt I noticed how many I have, especially from college. The sad thing is that I have purged these before and I still have this many.

Click here to see some of my favorite tshirts from college.

Quotable Wednesday: Story of my Life

picture from here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge: Day 8

I promise you that I have actually been doing the 30 for 30 but because it is so freaking hot here in Phoenix, I am usually melting by the time I get home from work and all I want to do is sit on my couch in my comfies. Also, my computer cord is still awol but it is my mission to find it tonight and get photos up and organized. Until then I have this extremely blurry camera photo. A model I am not but I did love this outfit and especially my new lime green purse. I am really loving doing the 30 for 30 and it hasn't seemed too bad so far but I am sure once it gets to the end of the 30 days I will be wishing for my other clothes. Anywho... enough rambling... I need to run some errands so I better get my but in gear.

ignore my extreme whiteness. sorry if I blinded you. 

A Little Amuse-Bouche

I had originally planned on writing a post about some fun bracelets I made with Leslea and some other fun friends this weekend, but my computer cord is awol so I though I would share with you some of my scrapbooking layouts and cards.

Most of these are older as I still have not set up my craft room more than 8 months after moving to Phoenix, but I still think they are fun. My scrapbooking style is much simpler than others. I try to keep linear lines and timeless looks. I also try to get pages done fairly quickly (some scrapbookers can spend an hour on one two-page layout!) I hope to start putting more crafty things up here soon put here is a little taste or as the French say, an amuse- bouche.

Thank You Card using the Texture Boutique and Sand Paper for the Dry Embossing

I think this was a Basic Grey line from last summer which is simple yet adds texture

This was a page I made for work to show a summer themed page

Not quite completed page for my childhood scrapbook

Scrapbooking page on a 12 by 12 canvas that I made for display at work last summer

One of my all time favorite pages... very simple but the pictures turned out so well!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodwill Treasures

So I wrote a post last week about wanting to find a couple of things to make my black Wisconsin wardrobe more useful here in Phoenix, but not wanting to really spend any money. Well, here enters Half off Goodwill Days. In Phoenix, every other Saturday is half off day and I have always scored some major deals. Now, it is a little crazy in there and the super good stuff goes early but here is some of the fun stuff I found on my treasure hunt yesterday with Leslea from Diary of a Revivalist.

my haul from Goodwill. 

I got a wicker garbage can for my spare bathroom for 50 cents, a frame for a baby shower project for a dollar, a summer scarf for a scarf swap, a black wooden desktop organizer for my craft room for a dollar, a beautiful black leather bag for 2.50, a gold belt (not pictured) for a dollar, and neon purse for 3.50.
One of my best finds was this a pair of coppery summer sandles. I tried on these pink sandles at Target and thought they were super cute but I was not really willing to spend 25 bucks on this pair of shoes, so I went on a mission and found these lovelies for 3.50. Can beat that right?

The sandals I wanted but didn't want to pay for 
Goodwill Treasure Sandles

So for this pretty successful trip I spent 13.48. I got two purses, a pair of shoes, a belt, and more so I am pretty happy with it. I went in looking for a few things and other than a bright summery sweater, I was pretty successful. I think it is no secret that I like pretty things, but I try to keep it within an appropriate framework. 

Because I am a creative person, I like to express myself through my clothes, but that doesn't mean that fashion and appearance are the most important things in my life. That's partially why I write this blog; to show that living life as a Christian is extremely multi-faceted, extremely fun, sometimes challenging, and always full of surprises. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Lessons: Am I Like A Half Open Car Door?

On Saturday, I was in Gilbert with my friend Leslea and while she was playing ultimate frisbee with some friends (totally not my thing), I decided to go to Lowe's and pick up the paint for my Dad's father's day gift. Recently, the door of his car (I was driving it because it is so much nicer and he was out of town) has been sticking but you just need to give it a good yank and it closes the rest of the way.

After coming out of Lowe's I get in and the door will not close for the life of me!!!!! I try and try but I don't want to pull too hard and break anything. So awkwardly, I call the Lowe's and they send someone out to help me who tells me that he can see that the hinge on the bottom is broken. So he manages to push the door shut with me inside put the door no longer lines up right so while it shut, it doesn't catch. So then I drive back to my friends with one hand holding the door shut and the other steering. It was an experience to say the least.

So I am sitting in Leslea's kitchen on Sunday morning (cause now I am kinda stranded) and thinking about half open/half closed doors. Now, I am not one of those people to project a lot of significant meaning on to things that really aren't that big of a deal, but this did get me thinking "Am I like a half open car door?"

In an ideal world, I would, like a door, be able to walk in my role in the world and there would be no problems or hindrances. But obviously, that is not the case. It is true that sometimes I get stuck and after a little pull or push, I move forward and do what I am supposed to do. Yet, this door stuck open situation is pretty extreme. Am I like a door half open who knows what its function is but is stuck and no matter what kind of prodding can no longer move?

If I had to answer that question right at this moment, I would say that I am not a door stuck half open. God has really been pouring out blessings and revelation in my life lately and I feel like I am walking more fully in His plan for my life than ever before. Yet, there have been times where I am like a door half open and there might be times like that again in the future. The things is that sometimes we don't notice that we are like a broken door, stuck somewhere in between who we are and who are becoming... frozen and inefficient, unsure and confused.

Rectifying this situation is different for many people and is not the point of the post today. The point is to ask ourselves at this moment and periodically through our lives... Am I Like a Half Open Car Door? Am I walking in the fullness that God desires for us? For me personally, asking myself these types of questions is vitally important in my relationship with the Lord. Sometimes you don't notice that you are stuck and sometimes you need a little push.

image found here

Friday, June 17, 2011


I just signed up for a doodling class from a lovely lady named Stephanie at Homegrown Hospitality. I know right, doodling, but hey, the things she makes are so pretty, so I thought why not. This is my summer of embracing my creativity right? Well, the class has 5 sections but also some pre-coloring pages. This is my attempt at coloring.... But I am excited to start doodling quotes and scripture.

don't pay attention to the stuff under the picture. this is a scan of the page I printed out. not too pretty.

I am excited for all the fun stuff I have coming up. I will try to get a post up with the pics from some of my 30 for 30 outfits as well as my goodwill shopping adventures with Leslea and seeing Mr. Popper's Penguins. Also, I signed up for a scarf swap and I still have some free online photography classes to take. I also have begun the process of digging out my office so by the end of the summer I should have an operating craft room so I can showcase some of my scrapbooking stuff. 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

- the amount of times I have eaten out in the last two weeks. I think I have reached my quota for the year to be honest.
- Phoenix. when it is this hot and will likely get 20 degrees warmer, it is just awkward.
- my life in general? sometimes it is just awkward.
- the guy who entered the Walgreens parking lots through the obvious exit lane. But well done in not hitting me. that might have ruined my day.
- the creepy old guy in the condo complex that has like 25 cats who run around. It is actually really sad... maybe this belongs in the sad category and not the Awkward one.
-looking around for a half hour for my jump drive and then remembering I stuck it in my bra. and this is not the first time this has happened either.

- my amazing friends Emily and Brie are heading off into new adventures and I am so excited to see how God is going to use them to change others' lives.
- my pottery class the other day. Alas, no photos but it was so much fun.
- sleeping... I am just so glad that I get to do it cause it makes me happy. Wish I could spend more time doing it.
- starting the 30 for 30 challenge as explained here. I already feel much more creative with my wardrobe. One day I will actually post pictures.
- awesome meeting with seminary professor and renewed excitement about school and ministry.
- 19th century art. see some of my favorites below:

Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son by Monet

 La Classe de Danse by Degas

La Balancoire by Renoir

L'homme blessé by Courbet

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge

Yes, I am late... I know. But my guess is that you don't so points for me. Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge started on Monday. I don't have pictures, but be assured that I am participating. I just need to get better about taking and uploading pictures.

Anyways, I have chosen 30 pieces. A mixture of dresses, pants, capris, skirts, and shirts. Through this process of choosing items, I realized how poorly my wardrobe is equipped for Phoenix summers. Layering is definitely my friends in between the heat and ac, but I really need to lighten up my clothes. I am really wanting to stay away from buying too many new things so its up to my accessories and maybe a quick trip to half off goodwill day to provide a couple items.

Anyways, here are some of the things I will be doing, wearing, searching out, in order to summerize my black wardrobe.

Quotable Wednesday

I just thought this was too funny not to post. Hope y'all enjoy it. Yes, I did just say y'all. deal with it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I asked for open doors... and here they are!

image pinned from Pinterest

The past few weeks I have been struggling with feeling like I was facing a hallway of closed doors. I had never really experienced this before. In fact, I usually feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of doors open to me. In terms of ministry, I really never had to search for a place to belong... I kinda got pulled into it (happily of course!). When I left Wisconsin to go to Seminary, I decided not to be in ministry the first year of school. Now, that I am going to start my second year in the fall, I believed that it was time for me to be up and doing something. I had this feeling of anxiety and "I am ready to go" but i did not know where to go. I prayed a lot for guidance about this and one thing that I heard clearly was that God wanted me to go to Him. Wow!!!! But it was truly something that needed to happen and once I rebalanced things in my life once more, doors have suddenly begun to open. Yet, I also learned another valuable lesson... that I can't just let things come to me, that sometimes I need to be more proactive in this area in my life.

It is truly amazing the difference that one conversation can make. I had a meeting with a professor today about some comments on my final papers. I didn't really know what to expect going in but I left so excited about the fall and my role in Phoenix Seminary. While I have my issues with the sometimes conservative bubble that I feel some student walk around in, I love the humble attitude and graciously spent time of the professors. I was just so encouraged by this professors belief that I had something to say and I so appreciated his constructive criticism and ideas for ways to improve my papers and positions on topics.

I have just been so blessed lately to have wonderful people really make astute observations about my life that have pushed me forward into making some really remarkable (for me anyways) changes. A dear friend of mine has recently made an observation about how I don't make friends and I let friends make me. I have some amazing friends, but it is true that I tend to let them pursue me and that I often gauge their love for me in ways that aren't entirely fair. For many reasons stemming from childhood that I do not need to go into here, I have a difficult time seeing my self worth in my friend's eyes. I make them come to me to prove that they are good friends and to prove that I am worthy of being there friend. That needs to stop now, especially as I move forward in ministry and will most definitely have to make friends without the buffer of those who I already trust.

Yes, this was a long post, but I am so excited about the ways that God has been pushing me to recognize hurts and become a better friend. I am so excited for the doors that are opening not just in my life but it the lives of dear friends who I think are going to change the world. I believe that by the end of the summer, things around here are going to be drastically different and that the Church will be renewed in its mission to the world's needy and lost. I will continue to pray and I encourage you all to do so as we see what great things God has coming!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Now, I know that I only have 4 followers. But I am going to pretend that it is really 4000 because one day I hope that I have that many readers. For now, we are all just friends so I can be completely random.

For instance, here is my desk this morning. Hot chocolate and a frozen strawberry lemonade at the same time? Absolutely! May you also note that there is no diet pepsi to be seen. I kinda miss diet pepsi... I was even thinking of writing an ode to it but decided against it. Well, maybe I will still do it but not today.

Anywho.... hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

It's Thursday peeps. So here is your Awkward and Awesome for the week...

-wandering around Target in some type of fugue. Finally leaving with a cucumber and flavored water.
-not finding it at all odd that I watched the same disc of Gilmore Girls Season 2 over and over just for background noise
- my apartment being so messy that I can take 1 full back of garbage and random things (mostly Diet Pepsi bottles) out to the trash every night. I guess it's kinda AWESOME though that I no longer think that my furniture will attack me in the middle of the night.
- being kinda excited to take  BSA compliance class for work. Who have I become???
- That point where you ask yourself if your legs really need to be shaved that badly because you don't want to take a shower.

- getting to talk to my long lost friend Brie via Skype on Monday. I hadn't talked to her in toooo long. I am so excited for her as she ventures off to Vienna for the summer! Follow her blog at
- having a fun lunch date (while playing hooky from work) with my lovely friend Emily from Limitless Love. Pita Jungle and a cool drink in downtown Scottsdale.... pure bliss.
- tater tots for dinner two nights in a row. Yes, I am a classy girl.
- clean laundry... I love having a plethora of clothing options.
- good hair days. I think I might have had one today. it kinda rocked.

lemonade and ice coffee with Emily

Monday, June 6, 2011

Jesus Would Never Have Talked to Me Like That

This weekend I got to hang out with my lovely friend Leslea from Diary of a Revivalist. She and I had an amazing lunch and then met with a friend of hers who is such an inspiration. God surely knew what I needed that day. All I wanted was a chill day with my friends to hang out and maybe even pray for some people. Well, that is certainly what I got.

Les let me read one of her books during some downtime before dinner called The Furious Longing of God Brennan Manning. It was a good book and I would highly recommend it. The one part that has really stuck with me the last two days was a particular story he told. Manning was a priest and while out at a play one night, someone tried to approach him while he was among friends and he snapped at her, accusing her of being rude and telling her to wait until he was finished. Her simple response? Jesus would never have spoken to me like that.

Well, I was blown away by this. And so convicted. First as a Christian and particularly as a Seminary student, I am to always show God's love. Because I am a seminary student people who I have never met, trust me with deeply personal details of their life as they desperately seek guidance from someone who might possibly have some answers. Talk about humbling.

I know for a fact that I do not always talk to people as Jesus would and that is a direct reflection of the fact that I am inwardly not loving them as Jesus would. So I am setting out to love with complete abandon; to do my very best to love and honor people the way that Jesus did. I am challenging all those out there who might be reading (even if it is only two people) to do the same. You will most definitely be shocked at the results love with bring.

picture from here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

One of my favorite blogs of all time is The Daybook which follows Sydney and her husband through school, marriage, and now parenthood. She is so darn funny and I feel like we are friends, even though we have never met. Anywho... she does this weekly segment called Awkward and Awesome and invites her readers to do the same... so here is the inaugural Awkward and Awesome post...

- how many times I had to let blogger auto correct that word because I have apparently lost my ability to spell without spell check
- wondering how I can start a twitter chat or similar type exchange with Syndey from the Daybook because I honestly want to be her new best friend in real life. I think facebook has groomed me from the tender age of 18 to become a stalker.
- the sheer embarrassment of being a Phoenix driver. I mean I am not the best driver in the world, but seriously??? do driving schools here actually teach you nothing?

- how even though I work full time, that somehow that I still believe that summer is more fun and that I will magically have more time
- watching Tangled on tuesday night for the first time. Not sure how I missed that movie, but it is now my new favorite Disney movie. I might have even started it over and watched it a second time right after it was finished. That is what all the cool kids do obviously.
- Frozen Strawberry lemonades from McDonalds. Then discovering that the shirt I got from Old Navy for 2 bucks actually has some type of stain repellent on it so that when I dump said strawberry amazingness on my shirt on the way to work, I do not look like a 4 year old child.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quotable Wednesday

So in a for real effort to get this blog going, I am going to try and start a schedule. There is a website called Pinterest that allows you to digitally tag or bookmark things that you come across on the web as interesting. I don't think I am being mellow dramatic when I say that it has changed my life... I am so inspired and love being connected with so many creative people.

One of my "boards" that I can pin things to is called Poster and Prints where I have sooo many funny sayings and beautiful quotes. I came across this one yesterday and I thought it was so true. So my hope is to showcase one of these prints a week. Some might be funny, some might be kinda offensive, but I will post them because they inspire me in some way. I hope you enjoy today's offerings...


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