Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodwill Treasures

So I wrote a post last week about wanting to find a couple of things to make my black Wisconsin wardrobe more useful here in Phoenix, but not wanting to really spend any money. Well, here enters Half off Goodwill Days. In Phoenix, every other Saturday is half off day and I have always scored some major deals. Now, it is a little crazy in there and the super good stuff goes early but here is some of the fun stuff I found on my treasure hunt yesterday with Leslea from Diary of a Revivalist.

my haul from Goodwill. 

I got a wicker garbage can for my spare bathroom for 50 cents, a frame for a baby shower project for a dollar, a summer scarf for a scarf swap, a black wooden desktop organizer for my craft room for a dollar, a beautiful black leather bag for 2.50, a gold belt (not pictured) for a dollar, and neon purse for 3.50.
One of my best finds was this a pair of coppery summer sandles. I tried on these pink sandles at Target and thought they were super cute but I was not really willing to spend 25 bucks on this pair of shoes, so I went on a mission and found these lovelies for 3.50. Can beat that right?

The sandals I wanted but didn't want to pay for 
Goodwill Treasure Sandles

So for this pretty successful trip I spent 13.48. I got two purses, a pair of shoes, a belt, and more so I am pretty happy with it. I went in looking for a few things and other than a bright summery sweater, I was pretty successful. I think it is no secret that I like pretty things, but I try to keep it within an appropriate framework. 

Because I am a creative person, I like to express myself through my clothes, but that doesn't mean that fashion and appearance are the most important things in my life. That's partially why I write this blog; to show that living life as a Christian is extremely multi-faceted, extremely fun, sometimes challenging, and always full of surprises. 

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