Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

- when you pause something on the tv leaving the actor on the screen with a super weird face. cracks me up every time.
- that moment when you don't realize that someone is in the elevator before you try and get on and you almost run into them. frantic apologies always ensue, followed by the voice in my head telling me how rude I am for not letting people off the elevator first. they must think I was raised by wolves.
- being so lazy, busy, or whatever to return my library books from like three months ago so I just keep renewing them. 

- I get to go to this amazing conference in August, plus visit with my Madison people! Yeah!
- finally getting my hair cut so that I don't look like a poofball when I wear my hear down
- Actually getting stuff accomplished off of Operation Simplify! Update post with pictures coming soon.
- I know I talked about this last week, but I am still super excited that Jessica's book What I Wore is coming out next week. I am too cheap to actually by it, but I did place it on hold at the library. 

My friend Rachel and I college, trying on clothes at Macy's
Is this an Awkward or Awesome???

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  1. At least you go to the effort of renewing the books! I ended up with $15 in late fines last time for 3 DVDs that were 5 days late. no more DVDs for us! PaperbackBookSwap and Netflix please!!! :-)



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