Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

It's Thursday peeps. So here is your Awkward and Awesome for the week...

-wandering around Target in some type of fugue. Finally leaving with a cucumber and flavored water.
-not finding it at all odd that I watched the same disc of Gilmore Girls Season 2 over and over just for background noise
- my apartment being so messy that I can take 1 full back of garbage and random things (mostly Diet Pepsi bottles) out to the trash every night. I guess it's kinda AWESOME though that I no longer think that my furniture will attack me in the middle of the night.
- being kinda excited to take  BSA compliance class for work. Who have I become???
- That point where you ask yourself if your legs really need to be shaved that badly because you don't want to take a shower.

- getting to talk to my long lost friend Brie via Skype on Monday. I hadn't talked to her in toooo long. I am so excited for her as she ventures off to Vienna for the summer! Follow her blog at
- having a fun lunch date (while playing hooky from work) with my lovely friend Emily from Limitless Love. Pita Jungle and a cool drink in downtown Scottsdale.... pure bliss.
- tater tots for dinner two nights in a row. Yes, I am a classy girl.
- clean laundry... I love having a plethora of clothing options.
- good hair days. I think I might have had one today. it kinda rocked.

lemonade and ice coffee with Emily


  1. You're right. I do love this. Doing laundry + hanging all your clothes up/putting them in drawers = wow I have so many clothes when they aren't just sitting in a laundry basket even though they're washed but I'm too lazy/buzy to put them in their respective places!!

    Is it disc 2?! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. @Brie.... not disc two. I think it might have been disc 4. gotta change things up.



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