Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

One of my favorite blogs of all time is The Daybook which follows Sydney and her husband through school, marriage, and now parenthood. She is so darn funny and I feel like we are friends, even though we have never met. Anywho... she does this weekly segment called Awkward and Awesome and invites her readers to do the same... so here is the inaugural Awkward and Awesome post...

- how many times I had to let blogger auto correct that word because I have apparently lost my ability to spell without spell check
- wondering how I can start a twitter chat or similar type exchange with Syndey from the Daybook because I honestly want to be her new best friend in real life. I think facebook has groomed me from the tender age of 18 to become a stalker.
- the sheer embarrassment of being a Phoenix driver. I mean I am not the best driver in the world, but seriously??? do driving schools here actually teach you nothing?

- how even though I work full time, that somehow that I still believe that summer is more fun and that I will magically have more time
- watching Tangled on tuesday night for the first time. Not sure how I missed that movie, but it is now my new favorite Disney movie. I might have even started it over and watched it a second time right after it was finished. That is what all the cool kids do obviously.
- Frozen Strawberry lemonades from McDonalds. Then discovering that the shirt I got from Old Navy for 2 bucks actually has some type of stain repellent on it so that when I dump said strawberry amazingness on my shirt on the way to work, I do not look like a 4 year old child.

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  1. I adore this post - Tangled is an amazing movie and God bless Old Navy :) Keep doing the awkward/awesome things!



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