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Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Your Information: Flying Etiquette

I recently flew back to Wisconsin to visit some friends and attend a conference and I was amazed at the lack of common courtesy in the whole process. And since, I am on a etiquette kick lately... here are some of my tips for flying with courtesy.

image from here

1. When waiting in line for security, remove your laptop and liquids bag. Shrug out of your sweater, belt, etc. As you get closer, take off your shoes. Quickly walk up to the bins and separate stuff as you are moving. It is NOT that hard to go through security people!

2. Related to #1, it has been a rule that you have to put all your liquids in a bag for like 10 years people. What rock have you been living under. Same with laptops and large electronics. It really is basic knowledge.

3. If you are saving a seat for someone in the waiting area, but something on the seat so others know not to sit there.

4. When boarding, push your suitcase so that it goes down the aisle without hitting others. When you locate your seat toss your purse, computer bag, etc that you will be keeping with you on the seat. If necessary duck into the seat and wait for others to pass and then quickly put your other bag in the overhead bin.

5. It is my personal opinion, that if there is no more room in the overhead bins in your area that you ask for your bag to be gate checked. It is quite rude to go into another area of the plane and take up their space. You will also inevitably cause a slowdown in people boarding because you will be walking in the aisle more than necessary.

6. Just because you seat can lean back that far does not mean that it is really polite to lean it back into another person's lap.

7. If you are a person that needs to pee a lot then sit in an aisle seat. It is really not fair to others to be continually bothered so you can get out every 15 minutes.

8. Consider what you are wearing. Lack of deodorant and too much perfume can make a flight unbearable for those around you. Short skirts inevitably become embarrassing for everyone.

9. If you by accident kick someone's chair, spill a drink, or have to make someone move for any reason, always be polite and apologizing for inconveniencing them. 

10. While exiting, let anyone who needs to catch time sensitive connections get off first. Don't be in such a rush to get off the plane-- if you are in the back of the plane, you will just need to wait your turn. Let one row of people go at a time... it is SOOOOOO rude for people in the back of the plane to rush forward in the aisles so that people in the further up seats can't even get out of their seats to get their bags.

11. Offer to help those struggling with bags. I shouldn't have to say this... but people still stand by and watch a little old lady struggle with her bag.

12. If you are in a group, don't wait right outside the door of the plane. Proceed down the jetway and meet up with everyone in a less congested area.

There are so many more but these are the ones that frustrate me the most. Kids you ask? What about kids on planes? I am not touching that one with a ten foot pole... parents can be so testy sometimes.

What is something that drives you crazy when flying?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Box Etiquette

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I am going to try and say this as nicely as possible.... cause everyone thinks it and no one says it. Etiquette is, in general, disappearing in our society. My evidence you ask? The man who flipped me off for going only 10 over the speed limit in the right lane, every single man that never holds open the door for me, and everyone who has ever waited 'til all their items are rung up at the store to start digging through their purse for their wallet.

However, one of my biggest pet peeves of LIFE is the lack of etiquette at Red Box Kiosks. Every single time I have to stand in a ridiculous line while somebody does something stupid, I whine that I am going to write a blog post about it and now I am finally doing something about it. Trashy Red Box users, beware!

Some Rules of Red Box Etiquette from Jessica
1. If at all possible, try and choose your movie at home and order it for pick up at a kiosk. This eliminates the inevitable, "There is nothing good" and "Why does it have the picture of the movie I want on this side of the kiosk if they don't have it" discussions.
2. Get off your cell phone. For some reason, people find it acceptable to have an extremely personal conversation while trying to choose a movie. This annoys me for two reasons... Firstly, I don't want to hear about your rash or whatever and secondly, these people seem incapable of doing two things at once.
3. If you have flipped through the selections more than 2 times, no new movies are magically going to appear and make your decision easier. Choose a movie or move on. It's that simple.
4. If there is a line of more than 3 people behind you, you do not have 5 minutes to make a decision. It's just rude.
5. If it 8:58 and a person comes to turn in their movie, let them turn it in before you make your choices. Let's help others out people!
6. NEVER under any circumstances get or try to return a Red Box at a Walmart. No further explanation necessary.
7. Don't spend 7 years looking for your debit card. Likewise, if you card declines more than twice for a dollar purchase then you have bigger problems then choosing what movie to rent at Red Box.

Dang, just writing up this list makes me kinda annoyed. Almost enough to not cancel my Netflix but hey, I am cheap. If standing in line behind a person with an IQ of a rock trying to choose a movie saves me 5 bucks, I guess I will have to do what I have to do.

What Red Box Etiquette Tips do you have?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pinterest Presents: the Iphone

Pinterest really provides me with so much fun. Here are some of my favorite funny iphone happenings.

image from here

image from here

image from here

Thursday, August 18, 2011

31 Day Cleaning Calendar

I recently finished read: 31 Days to Clean: Having A Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. I read about it in the comments section of a blog (which one, I have no idea) and it was on sale for 1.99 so I downloaded it for my kindle.

In the book, the author discussed many aspects of housecleaning, especially when it comes to hospitality. It is also geared toward women with children. However, I really enjoyed the perspective on the importance of cleaning. I feel like I can never have people over and am always stressed because I can never find anything. This book walks you through 31 days of both the practical (Martha) and more spiritual (Mary) reasons for cleaning.

I love organization but I have such a hard time keeping things around me in order, so I really enjoyed this book. Using the challenges presented in the book, I created a calendar that made a reasonable schedule for me to keep. I made some adjustments, but I thought I would share mine here in the interest of being transparent about the changes I am trying to make in my life. Maybe some of you will use it to bring some peace to your own life.

If anyone is interested in printing the actual calendar, let me know in the comments section and I will try and figure out how to embed a pdf for you!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Label Maker Love

Yesterday, I finally broke down and got a label maker. Mostly, I decided to get it because I really wanted to label my keys. I have so many that sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to get in my door which is not very safe. It took me about 10 minutes to label all my keys. I still create separators on my key chain... like my keys, other people's backup keys, etc and find a new cute key chain (I believe that my last one suffered a fate similar to my eaten gladiator sandals).

I had also gotten a photo box for my sister to put all her cards in for her baby shower coming up so I had to label it of course.

I also wanted to do something kinda fun with the gift bags for her shower, so I simply printed off a label and added some scrap ribbon. I think it would look even cooler with the embossed labels but I didn't think to grab that last night.

If I were to get the embossed tape, I would make something like this:

image from here
I also think it would be great to print out quotes or sayings I like and make some art. The more and more I think about it, the more I think I need to get an old fashioned embossing label maker.

Another fun thing to do with a label maker:
image from here
What fun things do you or have you done with a label maker?

Update: I had a random idea. I needed to update my phone number on my cat's tag but I did not want to shell out the 10 bucks for a completely new tag, so I simply printed out a label and put it on over the old number. Now, is it the most pretty thing in the world? No... but sometimes I like to mix it up.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday

I know that I shouldn't really like Glee but I kinda do... well, at least after I have already watched Bones and NCIS. I saw this on Pinterest and almost died... Enjoy!

image via Pinterest from here

Friday, August 12, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago today I moved to Phoenix. Like crazy.... I was sitting in the car the other day, remembering back to when I first moved here and everything seemed so new. It was sunny all the time, the grocery stores were different, and there was so much space. I was excited about finally having a clean and organized apartment with a craft room. Well, one year later, here is the update:

1. My apartment is a disaster after an unfortunate situation involving the condo above mine leaking through my walls into the condo below mine. Took nearly 6 months to fix, but now it is all done with a brand new coat of bright pink paint.

2. Just yesterday, my dad got the alls-clear sign that he is free from cancer. His surgery was nearly 5 months ago and he still tires easily and has some pain, but he is on the mend.

3. My craft room is still in boxes, sadly. Sometimes life just wins out, ya know?

4. My darling minivan, Annie C, just got new tires, oil change, and a new cooling system. More than a thousand dollars later, she is looking mighty fine. All she needs is some power steering fluid and some new breaks and she will be a new woman minivan.

5. I finished one year of seminary with a 4.0! Not sure how I managed it... not sure I will keep it up with my nearly double load this semester. Hey, I thrive on chaos.

6. I started a new job as a financial analyst in January and while it is nothing that I ever thought I would be doing, it is actually pretty interesting and I seem to do a pretty good job. Plus it pays for #5.

7. I started this blog which now that I am finally getting the hang of it, bring me lots of joy. I love writing but never felt like I was any good at it. Now, it doesn't matter. I write for me and my 10 followers. Plus, I have gotten to meet some pretty amazing people at Phoenix blogger meet ups.

8. On the friend's front, I haven't been the best about branching out, but after this realization, I think have been doing better.

9. I made a list of 101 goals in 1001 days to help me give some structure to my life and make me have some fun too!

10. I feel like I have really finally grown into myself... like I feel slightly (very slightly) less awkward and that my style fits who I am. Now, if I could get over touching my eye and get some dang contacts in, life would be grand.

So after one year of joy, tears, friends, laughter, doubt, seeking, and prayer, I feel that I am finally leading the life that I always wanted to lead. Now, I just need someone to follow me around and take fantastic pictures in fields for my blog, and life would be perfect.

A night out with the ladies... just one of many good memories from this past year

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scarf Swap

Guys! I am finally getting to do my Scarf Swap post from back at the beginning of July. The lovely Marisol from The Seal and Sol sent me this lovely scarf. Those of you who know me know that I love scarves but that I rarely wear square silk scarves so I really struggled with the best way to wear this, especially in the Phoenix heat.

Well, last week I flew to Chicago for the Jesus Culture Awakening Conference and I knew this scarf would be perfect for the flight. I wrapped it around my neck to keep me warm and provide some cushion and it worked quite well. Then I used it for a little blanket while I napped on my 6am flight. Sorry there are no pictures, but I couldn't very well ask a stranger... "Hey, can you take a picture of me napping with this scarf?" Side note, look out for a post about proper flying etiquette... it will certainly be coming your way.

Anyways, it is with great sadness that I return to scarf to Merisol because it is just so pretty with its contrast of black and little flowers. 

Things have been a little crazy around the blog lately with travel and busyness and such. But hopefully I will be getting back on schedule 'round here cause I have lots of fun things to share.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yarn Wreath

Remember these rosettes that I made at the blogger meet-up? Well, I took Lydia's advice and made a yarn wreath with them. My battery was dead so I didn't take pictures as I was doing it, but here are the steps.

1. buy a foam wreath in desired size
2. decide which side will be the back and using hot glue, simply glue the end to the back of the wreath
3. wrap the yarn around the foam, making sure to keep the wrapping tight. Every couple of inches or so, I would add a little hot glue (on the back side) to keep everything tight.
4. once the wreath is completely wrapped add your embellishments as desired.

Don't mind the dust... I took the picture outside on a dusty table... this isn't what my house looks like. 

This wreath cost me about 4 dollars for the wreath. Everything else, I had on hand. I think it is perfect for a summer to fall transitional wreath. And I am ready for fall... this heat is killing me, man!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Office Space

Last week, I had one of those weeks where I felt gross and huge. I resorted to my comfy black capris and linen pants and felt much more comfortable and put together at the end of the week. I even got a cute pair of new wedges to replace my black sandals that my sister's dog ate. RIP my favorite flat gladiator sandals. I shall miss you!

Because my work environment is extremely laid back clothing wise, I get to have a lot of fun. But sometime last week, I realized that the dress that I was wearing was really too short for my liking. I really had when you leave home and then realize that you should have worn a tank top under a shirt or whatever. One of the joys of being a girl I guess.

What was your most embarrassing outfit realization?


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