Thursday, August 18, 2011

31 Day Cleaning Calendar

I recently finished read: 31 Days to Clean: Having A Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. I read about it in the comments section of a blog (which one, I have no idea) and it was on sale for 1.99 so I downloaded it for my kindle.

In the book, the author discussed many aspects of housecleaning, especially when it comes to hospitality. It is also geared toward women with children. However, I really enjoyed the perspective on the importance of cleaning. I feel like I can never have people over and am always stressed because I can never find anything. This book walks you through 31 days of both the practical (Martha) and more spiritual (Mary) reasons for cleaning.

I love organization but I have such a hard time keeping things around me in order, so I really enjoyed this book. Using the challenges presented in the book, I created a calendar that made a reasonable schedule for me to keep. I made some adjustments, but I thought I would share mine here in the interest of being transparent about the changes I am trying to make in my life. Maybe some of you will use it to bring some peace to your own life.

If anyone is interested in printing the actual calendar, let me know in the comments section and I will try and figure out how to embed a pdf for you!

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  1. Great idea! House cleaning has always been a little overwhelming for me, and sometimes causes me to break out in a cold sweat. I would love to hear a follow up to see how your schedule works out!



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