Monday, August 22, 2011

Red Box Etiquette

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I am going to try and say this as nicely as possible.... cause everyone thinks it and no one says it. Etiquette is, in general, disappearing in our society. My evidence you ask? The man who flipped me off for going only 10 over the speed limit in the right lane, every single man that never holds open the door for me, and everyone who has ever waited 'til all their items are rung up at the store to start digging through their purse for their wallet.

However, one of my biggest pet peeves of LIFE is the lack of etiquette at Red Box Kiosks. Every single time I have to stand in a ridiculous line while somebody does something stupid, I whine that I am going to write a blog post about it and now I am finally doing something about it. Trashy Red Box users, beware!

Some Rules of Red Box Etiquette from Jessica
1. If at all possible, try and choose your movie at home and order it for pick up at a kiosk. This eliminates the inevitable, "There is nothing good" and "Why does it have the picture of the movie I want on this side of the kiosk if they don't have it" discussions.
2. Get off your cell phone. For some reason, people find it acceptable to have an extremely personal conversation while trying to choose a movie. This annoys me for two reasons... Firstly, I don't want to hear about your rash or whatever and secondly, these people seem incapable of doing two things at once.
3. If you have flipped through the selections more than 2 times, no new movies are magically going to appear and make your decision easier. Choose a movie or move on. It's that simple.
4. If there is a line of more than 3 people behind you, you do not have 5 minutes to make a decision. It's just rude.
5. If it 8:58 and a person comes to turn in their movie, let them turn it in before you make your choices. Let's help others out people!
6. NEVER under any circumstances get or try to return a Red Box at a Walmart. No further explanation necessary.
7. Don't spend 7 years looking for your debit card. Likewise, if you card declines more than twice for a dollar purchase then you have bigger problems then choosing what movie to rent at Red Box.

Dang, just writing up this list makes me kinda annoyed. Almost enough to not cancel my Netflix but hey, I am cheap. If standing in line behind a person with an IQ of a rock trying to choose a movie saves me 5 bucks, I guess I will have to do what I have to do.

What Red Box Etiquette Tips do you have?


  1. I agree with these rules 110%. Sometimes I'll just sit in my car listening to music waiting for people to leave. It eases the stress.

  2. right! I am, at times, not convinced that the dollar price is even worth it for the aggravation that it inevitably costs me.

  3. I always wait for the free movie codes, so the cost is worth the aggravation or I send my husband. Ha. Unfortunately, I will not be a the meet up on Thursday. If you are going, have lots of fun!



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