Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Your Information: Flying Etiquette

I recently flew back to Wisconsin to visit some friends and attend a conference and I was amazed at the lack of common courtesy in the whole process. And since, I am on a etiquette kick lately... here are some of my tips for flying with courtesy.

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1. When waiting in line for security, remove your laptop and liquids bag. Shrug out of your sweater, belt, etc. As you get closer, take off your shoes. Quickly walk up to the bins and separate stuff as you are moving. It is NOT that hard to go through security people!

2. Related to #1, it has been a rule that you have to put all your liquids in a bag for like 10 years people. What rock have you been living under. Same with laptops and large electronics. It really is basic knowledge.

3. If you are saving a seat for someone in the waiting area, but something on the seat so others know not to sit there.

4. When boarding, push your suitcase so that it goes down the aisle without hitting others. When you locate your seat toss your purse, computer bag, etc that you will be keeping with you on the seat. If necessary duck into the seat and wait for others to pass and then quickly put your other bag in the overhead bin.

5. It is my personal opinion, that if there is no more room in the overhead bins in your area that you ask for your bag to be gate checked. It is quite rude to go into another area of the plane and take up their space. You will also inevitably cause a slowdown in people boarding because you will be walking in the aisle more than necessary.

6. Just because you seat can lean back that far does not mean that it is really polite to lean it back into another person's lap.

7. If you are a person that needs to pee a lot then sit in an aisle seat. It is really not fair to others to be continually bothered so you can get out every 15 minutes.

8. Consider what you are wearing. Lack of deodorant and too much perfume can make a flight unbearable for those around you. Short skirts inevitably become embarrassing for everyone.

9. If you by accident kick someone's chair, spill a drink, or have to make someone move for any reason, always be polite and apologizing for inconveniencing them. 

10. While exiting, let anyone who needs to catch time sensitive connections get off first. Don't be in such a rush to get off the plane-- if you are in the back of the plane, you will just need to wait your turn. Let one row of people go at a time... it is SOOOOOO rude for people in the back of the plane to rush forward in the aisles so that people in the further up seats can't even get out of their seats to get their bags.

11. Offer to help those struggling with bags. I shouldn't have to say this... but people still stand by and watch a little old lady struggle with her bag.

12. If you are in a group, don't wait right outside the door of the plane. Proceed down the jetway and meet up with everyone in a less congested area.

There are so many more but these are the ones that frustrate me the most. Kids you ask? What about kids on planes? I am not touching that one with a ten foot pole... parents can be so testy sometimes.

What is something that drives you crazy when flying?


  1. a few things that drive me crazy:

    • parents who don't stop their children from kicking the back of your seat even though they know that their children are doing it.

    • cups of soda without their respective cans

  2. Yes on the soda. What, the airline is so cheap that I can't even have the whole can. I always just request the can and smile as if I don't care that they are secretly judging me.

  3. On my flight from Vienna to London there was a guy in my row who did not shower or if he did he didn't use soap - b.o. to the max. I thought of this post, so i had to mention it here :) Also, I saw a sign telling the passengers that unless they could lift their own bag into the overhead compartment they should not bring it on board. What the heck - can people not help other people anymore?!



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