Friday, August 12, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago today I moved to Phoenix. Like crazy.... I was sitting in the car the other day, remembering back to when I first moved here and everything seemed so new. It was sunny all the time, the grocery stores were different, and there was so much space. I was excited about finally having a clean and organized apartment with a craft room. Well, one year later, here is the update:

1. My apartment is a disaster after an unfortunate situation involving the condo above mine leaking through my walls into the condo below mine. Took nearly 6 months to fix, but now it is all done with a brand new coat of bright pink paint.

2. Just yesterday, my dad got the alls-clear sign that he is free from cancer. His surgery was nearly 5 months ago and he still tires easily and has some pain, but he is on the mend.

3. My craft room is still in boxes, sadly. Sometimes life just wins out, ya know?

4. My darling minivan, Annie C, just got new tires, oil change, and a new cooling system. More than a thousand dollars later, she is looking mighty fine. All she needs is some power steering fluid and some new breaks and she will be a new woman minivan.

5. I finished one year of seminary with a 4.0! Not sure how I managed it... not sure I will keep it up with my nearly double load this semester. Hey, I thrive on chaos.

6. I started a new job as a financial analyst in January and while it is nothing that I ever thought I would be doing, it is actually pretty interesting and I seem to do a pretty good job. Plus it pays for #5.

7. I started this blog which now that I am finally getting the hang of it, bring me lots of joy. I love writing but never felt like I was any good at it. Now, it doesn't matter. I write for me and my 10 followers. Plus, I have gotten to meet some pretty amazing people at Phoenix blogger meet ups.

8. On the friend's front, I haven't been the best about branching out, but after this realization, I think have been doing better.

9. I made a list of 101 goals in 1001 days to help me give some structure to my life and make me have some fun too!

10. I feel like I have really finally grown into myself... like I feel slightly (very slightly) less awkward and that my style fits who I am. Now, if I could get over touching my eye and get some dang contacts in, life would be grand.

So after one year of joy, tears, friends, laughter, doubt, seeking, and prayer, I feel that I am finally leading the life that I always wanted to lead. Now, I just need someone to follow me around and take fantastic pictures in fields for my blog, and life would be perfect.

A night out with the ladies... just one of many good memories from this past year


  1. I love your writing.

    If it makes you feel any better, my craft room is set up but it's in a constant state of disaster. That's the nature of the crafting beast.

    Can't wait until our next meetup. ;)


  2. field pictures are a must - glad you think so too ;)



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