Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Mumblings

This week has been quite intense and instead of stressing myself by posting, I just focused on making it to the weekend.

Well, Friday is here people so I want to do a little post to catch up for the week.

Firstly, I have some fun crafty things to share with you all. My sister's shower is rapidly approaching and I wanted to have some cake plates for some of the various goodies I have planned for her, but I didn't want to spend too much so I went to the dollar store, got three plates and three glasses. Using super glue (you can also us epoxy), I simply adhered the bottom of the glass to the bottom of the plate and viola! A cake stand.

sorry for the poor phone pic.. it's the only one I took!

Later in the week, I wanted to make a painting to reflect some goals that I had made for myself recently. They were... always respond in love, believe in miracles, and pray without ceasing. I divided the canvas into three sections and used sticky letters to spell out the phrases and then painted over the letters. The idea was that the letters would then stay the white of the canvas. Well, I just didn't like it and after various attempts to fix it, I simply painted the canvas purple. The cool thing is that you can still see the outline of the phrases if you look closely. I still wanted to include the most important phrase to me, so I simply hot glued letters to the canvas. Just a little reminder hanging in my kitchen of the truly important things in life.

my goals

painting over the letters

like many things I do, fixing something I don't like

the final product. simple reminder!

The lovely ladies over at Fancy Road House had a Christmas in July party on Thursday and it was soooooo much fun. We made Christmas garlands, ate yummy food, and just generally hung out with other bloggers. Since moving to Phoenix a year ago, I have had a hard time finding new friends, but I have met some amazing ladies lately and I hope that some of them will become great friends. We could all use more great friends in our lives right?

This is a picture of my garland. I really like how it turned out. I also made some fun rosettes that Rosemary showed me how to make. I actually think I am going to make a wreath with them. I have some purple yarn I have been trying to use up so maybe I will wrap that around a wreath and glue on the rosettes and call it a day!

Christmas Candy Cane Garland with jungle bells and buttons

rosettes destined for a new wreath

This weekend I have to be out of my apartment as they clean up some mold damage caused by the apartment above mine leaking into my walks. Yuck! But I am glad they are finally taking care of it. So I get to stay at my dad's which is kinda fun cause I don't feel like I have to be cleaning and whatnot. I will be packing up my Kindle and some craft stuff and hope to have a productive and relaxing weekend. 

Hope you all do the same and I will be back on Monday with lots of treats.

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  1. I can totally relate to your reasoning for attending blogger meet-ups. Even though I grew up in Tempe, living out of the state for 5 years changed who was around when I moved back. Finding and making good quality friends is hard. It was great seeing you again. Good luck with your wreath!



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