Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Flashback

One of the most important times of my life was when I studied abroad in France during my junior year of college. So hard to believe that I came back over three years ago. Most days, it seems like just yesterday. The style that I picked up in France still influences me to this day, although recently I have had to incorporate more color into my all black wardrobe in order not to die in the Phoenix heat. Lots of things that I wore in France, I still wear but as my style has evolved so has the outfit. Some things, however, only seemed to work in France, sadly.

I know that I wore lots of cool outfits in France, but not all of them were captured. Here are some of my favs though...

Nice, France


in my dorm room modeling my new hat

Paris, France

Nice again?? I don't remember. 

Sometimes I really miss my style from back then and just the general lifestyle of France, but I am also quite enjoying my current stage of life. It is always fun to look back, but we can never forget to enjoy the moment and also look forward.

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