Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 for 30 Challenge:Nearing the End

tank, jeans, and earrings from Target
shirt from The Limited
shoes from Walmart

I am almost done. Believe it or not, I have kept to my 30 items and while I have not documented them all here, I have tried to give a little taste of my adventures.

I have such mixed emotions about this shirt. It is polka dotted so obviously I love it but it has this weird bottom and it quite flowy so I always wear it with a belt. I am still on the fence about it... we will see what the future brings for it, I guess.

I have had lots of fun remixing my closet but I keep eyeing my purple maxi dress and I can't wait to wear that baby after Friday's final 30 for 30 outfit.

Something else I have learned about my closet is that I have too much black (duh), lack some basic pieces, and that I need some more unique pieces/accessories. As I continue to grow in my style, I am so excited to finally feel comfortable in my skin.

I feel like I have finally grown into myself. That my style is beginning to express my inner personality and that I have the guts to wear whatever I want, even if the patterns don't match, dang it.


  1. I enjoyed meeting up with you and the other ladies today! Plus I thought your outfit was very cute.

  2. It was so fun!!!! We need to get Phoenix bloggers together more often.



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