Friday, January 21, 2011

Yikes, what a day I had yesterday. I had a huge fight with my sister which I am still recovering from. She and I are just different creatures that sometimes come to a head, but at least I know that I walked away and didn't say anything I wish I could take back. The thing is that I rarely get mad and when I do,  I still try to remain calm and that can be infuriating to someone who just wants to yell; to her, it seems like I have a tone. But I refuse to yell like a child, so we are a little at an impasse. Also, it brought up some feeling from being the oldest and as a child, always being told to let things go, that I wasn't allowed to be upset by something my sisters did. It was a rough emotional day yesterday, but the thing is that I know I handled myself the best I could and really the only thing that is going to change this situation and my sister's heart is a lot of prayer.

I have been sooooo inspired lately; my new job really lets me spend more time just reading through blogs and such. I am loving several dedicated to fashion. I have personally been working on being more put together; while many in college dressed in sweats, I was always dressed in some nice getup, but now I would kill for jeans and a hoodie. The thing is, though, that I feel so much better about myself when I present myself nicely to the world. Looking forward to searching through some vintage and thrift stores in the near future to refresh the wardrobe.

I have slacked already about keeping up this blog, but I am excited to report that my condo is still clean. What has happened in the past is that I overwhelmed myself with schedules of deep cleaning so now I am just focusing on keeping what I already spent a ton of time cleaning clean. Working from home has been a blessing because I get up and spent a half hour picking up before I start the day. Expectations are important but unreasonable ones just create disaster, really.

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