Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, in my last post, I talked about constantly evaluating your life and making neccessary  adjustments. I realized that some might see me as someone who is never happy. In a way that is true; I am never happy with standing still but for the first time in my life, I look at my life and when I say, how and when did I become this person, I am not freaked out. Sure, things need to change and I am leaning on God to bring about those changes, but yet, at the core of it, I am pretty happy with who I am. 
God has done an amazing work on me in the nearly two years since I have graduated with college. First, with my year as a missionary associate and then now, in Seminary. Today, I was like, wow, when did I go to this person who is so firmly rooted that when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I turned to God instead of turning away. When did I become the person that instead of being idignant about the problems I see in the church, dedicate myself to creating change? Sometimes change is big and dramatic, yet remember that sometimes it is small and quietly altering something you never knew needed to change.
I am a firm believer in seasons of life. If I had to describe my life right now in one word, it would be transitions. This past semester, I have kinda laid low and spent a lot of time by myself. I didn’t do a good job of explaining to people why I withdrew and for that I am very sorry, but now I am seeing that things are transitioning and it is time for me to, because of the new opportunities I have, get back to people and being an active role in other’s lives. Exciting!

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