Monday, January 10, 2011

New Changes

I took a class this last semester dedicated completely to figuring out the unique ways we operate and interact with others. We were asked to spend immense amounts of time in self-evaluation. This was no hardship for me because I often spend time re-evaluating my life and changing the course.

For instance, when I studied abroad, the first semester came and went and I went, I am not happy with this. I have not been experiencing this amazing place as I should have been. So I reached out and made new friends and embarked on a new adventure. Now, I look back on studying abroad with great fondness and as an event that truly shaped my life.

Do you ever stop and just say I am not happy with this. Note that I am not continually unhappy, but just i often stop and say, hey, wait, is this what I really wanted to do or have I gone awry in some way? Recently, I have had one of those moments. And while that class I took last semester sometimes drove me insane, it did teach me the importance of making a plan and going for it. The job I have been working, simply because it was easy, had to go first. I spent a lot of time in prayer; there are so many things I am interested in and I feel like I am qualified to do but that is not really enough to convince people in this world to hire me. But a new and amazing opportunity has presented itself; I will have a flexible enough schedule to continue to go to school full time which is really my priority and make enough to cover tuition and living expenses without taking out more loans.

I have big plans for my life, but some years of hard work need to be put in in order to make those dreams come true, and now that I have really put my head around that idea, I am ready to get down to business. I have given myself 5 years to finish school, get out of debt, and dedicate myself to ministry. I am so thankful to all the opportunities that I have been given which are going to help me accomplish these goals.

It's a new year right? well, I don't usually make resolutions, but I think this one is worth making. I would say that my life is about 47% in line with God's plan for it. Yikes, that's not too good! This is the year that I will dedicate myself to doing whatever I need to do to get that percentage up! I hope you come along for the ride. New and big changes are on the way and I hope that God continues to mold us all!

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